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Former Strategy Director

Reiki Master Healer

Ordained Reverend

Previous Agency Experience

Ace Content (Anomaly), Vice Media, Carrot Creative, Team One, Sage Island Interactive


Amanda Rue is a compassionate leader, strategist and reiki practitioner. Her passion for business, communication and the human experience led her to pursue a career in advertising and mass communications. During that time, she found her way to creative agencies - both big and small, creating a trajectory that would eventually lead to the development of this business.

With a focus on building meaningful relationships between brands and consumers, she quickly learned of the real dynamics, relationships and politics that exist behind the scenes that directly impact the quality of work, productivity in the workplace, and overall personal growth. She now aims to support companies and organizations in the development of healthier workplaces that bring humanity, and all that entails, to the forefront.

Amanda complements her experience with four years of exploration into energy healing. She recently completed her 140-hour reiki master teacher training program and leverages this practice to create an intuitive, grounded and healing approach to business, relationships and growth.  

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Coach and Workshop Lead

Tantric Polarity Practitioner

Diet & Exercise Trainer

Previous WORKSHOP Experience

Male Rites of Passage, Embodying Divine Masculine, Gender Dynamics & Trauma, Tantric Polarity, Healing with the Masculine (women only)


Mikaal Bates helps his fellow Humans bring out the Truth of Who they really Are. He is a seasoned practitioner of Tantric Polarity, Breathwork and Meditation. He is a Life Coach & Relationship Consultant, Ritual Creator, Actor, Writer, Diet & Exercise Trainer, and Professional Space Holder. He leads Men’s Work specifically designed to empower the Modern Man to rise to meet Woman and World in the post #metoo landscape.

He helps Women navigate Patriarchy and make sense of the Masculine experience through the Power of Feminine Magnetism & the ability to Receive.

As friend and ally to designations all, he helps Non-binary humans nurture the full expression of their unique signature while cultivating safe containers for unconventional growth.

He works 1-on-1 with a glorious array of Humans, and creates workshops and seminars ranging from Male Rites of Passage, Gender Dynamics, Healing the Masculine-Feminine Dynamic, and Trauma Mediation everywhere NYC to LA, Portland to Burning Man. He regularly travels to Los Angeles to train and assist with a pantheon of Beloved Teachers.