Redefining Corporate Workshops

Designed specifically for creative companies, teams, and groups that desire healthier relationships built on the foundation of trust, communication and clarity. We aim to cater to the unique needs of your organization and will adapt, evolve and develop programs that are right for you. Download our Fall Overview.


 Guided Meditation & Breathwork

Partner & Group Exercises

Dialogue & Discussion

PEOPle at Work 

People at Work explores approachable meditation techniques, breathwork exercises and creative energy to better connect to one's own work and creative style - enhancing self-awareness and personal accountability by being able to intentionally navigate different situations depending on the context, situation and relationship.


Guided Meditation & Breathwork

Fixed & Fluid Creativity Experience

Partner Exercise & Discussion

Ritual Magic & Closing

Sex At WOrk

A progressive sexual harassment prevention and training program tailored to creative companies and agencies to meet the unique demands of company cultures. We offer both basic training (2 hours) and an 8 week indepth course (2 hours once per week).

Harvest The FALL

A seasonal shift offering that shifts teams and organizations into the highly productive and demanding season of the fall. We take time to focus on where we’ve been leading to this moment and ensure clarity and conviction moving forward through the season.

Safe work Spaces 

Safety is a primary driver for creativity. Here we get to the basics of how to create safer, more collaborative and creative workspaces. When people feel safe and connected, creativity can flow more freely.

Cultivating Creativity 

Designed specifically for sparking creativity, we’ll explore concepts and ideas that cultivate a more creative workspace regardless of title. When people see themselves as creatives they begin to unlock problem solving capabilities across all facets of the business.


We know it’s hard to navigate the shifting winds, so we’re here to collaborate directly with companies and departments to provide actionable plans that foster better communication and clarity.

Private Mentorship

For those interested in a deeper and more immersive learning experience we provide private mentoring and coaching to develop relationship and communication skills tailored to you and your unique needs.