We're doing things differently, so we expect there to be questions. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about this work or how this could impact your business. 

Do you offer other workshops?

Yes! We want to work with you and build out workshops and programs that fit the needs specific to your company culture. Perhaps we could develop a workshop that other companies could benefit from as well. How awesome would that be?

Is this weird?

Yes! We are breaking the conventions of traditional training programs. We create a unique space and request a willing suspension of disbelief to best embody the practices that will have a transformative effect on your employees and the business.  


Absolutely not! We are here to help cultivate better and stronger work cultures which can include a wide range of offerings, including lunch-and-learns, after hours sessions, and support at key events including annual meetings, project kick-offs, and company off-sites.