Gone are the days of ‘work – life’ balance. We now don’t want to just punch a clock, but want to be able to show up and have our work be a reflection of who we are and how we relate to the world. It is the beautiful melding of one’s life work and one’s job. We aim to create a future that supports the whole individual – creating strong mind, body and spirit in the workplace.

The ‘Me Too’ movement has invigorated a population of women to find their voice and collectively speak out against the treatment of women in the workplace while many men have been left confused about how to say hello. But we believe this dynamic is a symptom to a much larger problem -  a lack of understanding, compassion, and empathy between masculine and feminine creative energies and how the two can come together to create more collaborative, efficient and profitable workplaces.

We aim to foster productive conversation, meaningful self-development and personal development within the workplace. We bring humanity back to human resources.


Are you an artist, entertainer, healer or workshop leader who wants to collaborate? We are always looking for new partners, and are looking to expand our offerings to companies. Please reach out to us at hello@theshiftworkshop.com



Support companies and organizations in shifting workplaces to create healthier, happier and stronger people and cultures.


Cultivate humanity at work.