A New Approach To Sexual Harassment Training

In an effort to create safe and fair workplaces for everyone, sexual harassment training is now required and mandated by New York State for any company with 15 or more employees. This training can be an opportunity to inspire knowledge, conversation and respect in the workplace. We believe that respect, communication and clarity can enhance relationships while creating safe, fair and safe and fair work environments.

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Progressive Sexual Harassment Prevention & training

Our program elevates the conversation while being fully compliant with New York state and local laws. Teams will learn the basics of sexual harassment training while exploring the nuances of human interaction in the workplace. We connect with our own experiences and leverage this to create meaningful dialogue, education and prevention.

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Basic Sexual Harassment training

In this interactive 2-hour workshop, teams up to 30 individuals will learn the basics of sexual harassment training including types of harassment, retaliation, supervisor responsibility, action steps in the event of harassment and bystander intervention. This meets the minimum requirements of New York State and City.

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8 Week In DEpth Prevention Program

In this 8-week intensive, teams up to 30 individuals explore how to create healthier and more respectful workplaces including relationships, boundaries, healthy work spaces, respect, communication, and personal accountability. Teams will have enhanced cohesion on the foundation of healthy workplace relationships.


Why Work With Us?


Beyond classroom training to meaningful education.


Understanding the nuances of human interaction at work.


Caters to the specific needs of creative companies and agencies.


We are looking forward to working with you to create safer and healthier workplaces for all. Let’s get to work.